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Veterinary Training Facility
Veterinary Training Facility

Company Story

PanMedica Health Corporation was founded by the principle employees, primary engineer and designers from a major international laser company. Stifled by lack of innovation from company owners, the group formed their own corporation in 2007. PanMedica founders had a desire to form a forward thinking company and design a brand new laser unit that would be like no other on the international market. Though the company is new, the experience, expertise and combined years of knowledge of the principles are not new to lasers.

In 2008, PanMedica will unveil a brand new laser unit and probes unlike any other on the international laser market. PanMedica laser units are state of the art, intuitive, have proprietary software and LED touch screens built into the unit that make it extremely user friendly. Each unit has the appropriate protocols programmed into it so all the guesswork and mathematic formulas are done for the user. As new information and protocols are developed, PanMedica laser owners can upload the latest protocols via the internet. PanMedica Lasers are FDA cleared for the USA and CE marked for Europe.

PanMedica is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States and has its international offices located in Argyl Scotland in the United Kingdom. We have training centers located strategically throughout the United States to afford convenient training access to our customers. Our locations include Fort Myers Florida, Chicago Illinois, and Los Angeles California.

Mission Statement

“At PanMedica Healthcare Corporation, we will not rest until each and every relevant healthcare professional fully understands the benefits and applications of our products. It is therefore our aim to ensure that all applicable patients, human or animal, whether in need of healing or suffering from pain, receive the necessary care to return them to full health as quickly as possible.”